PentaSil Tubings for pharma applications:

  • meet all critical ISO 10993 & USP Class VI criteria
  • promote high rebound elasticity
  • exhibit an inert molecular structure for zero extracts to the fluid (haemocompatibility a.o.)
  • remain the same flexible even after 24+ hours hard continuous service, showing exemplary anti-kicking and anti-bending behaviour
  • can process +1.000 hours lifetime, by using special raw materials
  • show extreme stability over a wide temperature range from -45 to +200 C
  • inhibit protein binding and bacterial growth by exhibiting super gloss & non-tacky inner surface
  • increase the life of the pump by having a non-tacky outer surface
  • have unbreakable bondings between its molecules for not causing failure during pumping
  • are suitable for all kind of sterilization techniques incl. gamma radiation, ETO, Plasma a.o.
  • are ultra clear, being produced with an online control system in a controlled production room
  • have constant physical & bio-chemical properties through its entire length
  • are produced in a great variety of dimensions with tolerances as per ISO 3302.E1, acc. to your requirements and needs